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By artisan: Dennis Hassan
DWF Gallery started out as a small home based wood working business. Now DWF Gallery has grown to a store front Gallery  for wood artisans.  Don, (wood artisan and founder of DWF Galley) is featuring  not only his work  but some of the  most distinguished wood artisans in
British Columbia.


About the Artisan Don Fortin
English Walnut Bowl By artisan: Ed Schroeder
By artisan: Ed Schroeder

Meet our Artisan, Don

Don's passion and incredible skill are apparent in every one of his creations. We encourage you to take some time to browse through our gallery of past creations and the items currently on display in our store to gain a finer appreciation of his unique touch. Every piece has been lovingly crafted, yielding stunning and elegant results that are sure to impress time and time again.
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Donald W. Fortin, Master Woodworker
Don is a self-taught woodworker who discovered his abilities after his daughter asked him to create a replica of a beautiful wooden box. After succeeding in this endeavor, he realized that he could do so much better than the model he drew his initial inspiration from, and spent countless hours delving into the woodworking craft. 

Having taught himself the art of joinery, gluing techniques and laminating, he has gone on to produce absolutely stunning pieces That are on display in the USA, Canada, Australia and throughout the world. He never uses dyes or stains, instead opting to bring out the natural warmth and character of the handpicked wooden blanks he uses. 


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